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Tell your friends about Bandhan by SMS

A quick update.

Now you can tell your friends in India about Bandhan by SMS.    You can also pass a word about Bandhan by email. You get the message text that you can send to your friends. Copy-paste that text of the message in email body and send it to your friends.

Go ahead and invite your friends who you think will find this service useful.

Oh, BTW, we are now on twitter.  Follow us at @Bandhan.

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Get the matches in RSS feed

coffeecup_feed_add_128x128A confession. I am a feed junkie. There are more than 300 subscriptions in Google Reader.  We wanted to provide Bandhan‘s search results via RSS for some time.

Here is how easy it is. You provide your match criteria once, and then add the feed in your Reader. You will keep on getting stream of profiles right in your feed reader. It can’t get any simpler than that.

We also added capability to browse profiles based on a certain criteria. For example, if you are looking for brides with management education, you can get it in one click.

You can browse profiles by education, location, language, religion and community.  Browse the profiles of brides and grooms.

Hope you like the progress in baby steps.

Coffee cup RSS icon courtesy: FastIcon (via Smashing Magazine)

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The search widens

We are happy to announce addition of 4 new matrimony services to our search.

These services are targeted at Maheshwari, Agarwal and Jain communities, respectively, especially in North India.

We are also adding a service from Kerala. I hope, this will bring smile to our Malayalee friends.

Together, these services have over 1,00,000 profiles. And growing.

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[Feature] View results by recency

To begin, thanks much for the warm reception and all the kind words for Bandhan!

Along with compliments, we also started receiving “hey, can you do this?” requests also.  One of the request from multiple users is being accepted. Now, you can see the sort the profiles  by recency.  The default order is the best matching results first. But many of the users are already using other services and they are interested only in the new profiles which meet their criteria. So, we offer them to order the profile list with most recent profiles appearing at the top.

Click on the link as shown below to get latest profiles.

Show Recent Screen

Show Recent Screen

Trust you will find this feature useful.

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