About Bandhan

Bandhan.com is a matrimony search engine. Bandhan makes matrimony search simple, fast and easy. Really! Go ahead, give Bandhan a whirl and verify our claim.

We can be reached by email at contact[at]bandhan.com. Or you could write a comment on this blog. Please mention your contact details which will enable us to respond you.

Bandhan is a service by Discrete Log Technologies, Pune.

Discrete Log is founded by Shashikant Kore (LinkedIn) and Sachin Doshi (LinkedIn).

The term “Discrete Log” comes from abstract algebra. Read about it on Wikipedia.


  1. Satya said

    Wow, Bandhan is really doing a binding(bandhan) of all the marriage portals such that we can get all the results in just one click.

    Thanks for the Great job……

  2. Priyanka said

    I have registerd in jeevansathi,want to add in bandhan

  3. ubk said

    Great job….How actually it works

  4. Supercool
    From other sites.no ads and pressure to become member.my best of luck site become no1.thank u.

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