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The blog has not been updated in a long time.  Generally, this is not taken as a good sign. But, we want to assure you that Bandhan is keeping us quite busy.  Supporting Lacs of users isn’t an easy task, you see.   Our users love us.  Here is one  mail we received recently.

Hi Shashikant, Sachin and team:
I was amazed by the words in your site, (not talking about the profiles). I mean, the content writing of the website.  It was a pleasant experience for me, browsing through.
Your words proved that you saw me as person; as a human. Thanx for that.
There is respect and empathy through out the site and in the emial that you sent. I was reading the – about bandhan- and I felt as if a friend was talking to me with kindness and respect for what I am.  Also, you have used a simple language, simple words that I can understand, easily. I liked it.
I just had to tell you this; because it was something new to me.
Thank you for the sophistication you have shown in doing business. I wish you all the best.
Many users like J drop us a note and say kind words about Bandhan.  This is a humbling experience.  Thank you for all the love.

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  1. v.p.yadav said

    http://www.bandhan.com is really very nice search Engine but very less known to most of the surfer.

    Previsouly I have to search different matrimonial sites and some time I forget some of them and it was difficult to decide where to search first. After knowing http://www.bandhan.com my problems became (Chhu-mantar) and I am getting so many profiles at once.
    thanks to thinker of this concept.


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